Bryan Chung is an electric guitarist originally from Hong Kong, now settled in Leeds.

Under the tutelage of Mark Leung (Ola School of Music, Hong Kong), Jamie Taylor and Jiannis Pavlidis, Bryan is trained and specialises in Jazz. While studying at Leeds Conservatoire, Bryan performed actively in bands across various styles and genres. Upon graduation, he set up a guitar tuition business while continuing to perform and record his original music.

Hi Bryan - You now run your own private tuition business! How did this come about? And how do you find being a self-employed musician? 

I have always wanted to go into teaching as my main focus, most likely because of the positive impacts that my tutors have given me over the years. Therefore, once I graduated, I researched the business and set up the guitar tuition. I am enjoying the lifestyle and flexibility offered by being a self-employed musician, but at the same time, I'm constantly working hard to grow and expand my business. There is always more to learn! 

Do you have any advice you would like to share with our current or prospective International Students?

My advice to International Students is to join in with your peers, don't be shy, learn to write and speak English as much as possible (I found reading books or articles very helpful), and don't forget to keep in touch with friends and family back home. 

What is your favourite memory from Leeds Conservatoire?

My favourite memory from Leeds Conservatoire is B-side, an event featuring a tutors band, student band, and a jam session. It is the perfect opportunity to network and play with fellow students as well as tutors. I remember being very nervous the first time, but you know, everyone has to start somewhere!

How did Leeds Conservatoire help prepare you for your career?

Leeds Conservatoire helped prepare me for the next steps after graduation by offering support sessions where I could speak directly with alumni asking for advice and feedback on any of my work, whether it is career-oriented or the business and marketing side of things. 

How did you find the transition from MA student to working life?

I found the transition from MA student to working life quite sudden but manageable. Even during my studies, I had a good routine, so I quickly got into the rhythm of working more, but at the same time balancing leisure and learning time outside of work. 

How did the pandemic impact your studies? 

The pandemic meant that many group classes had to be moved online, though one-to-one tuition continued face-to-face some of the time. I am grateful to be offered the opportunity to use facilities until this Summer 2022 for the time I missed out on due to covid.

Do you have anything exciting planned for this year?

This year is just going to be hard work on running the business while keeping an active performing profile. Online is somewhere I am in the process of exploring for my business, which should open more doors. 

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