Accommodation Tips

Making the move into Higher Education? Choosing the right city and right accommodation can play a huge part in making your transition successful...

Living away from home for the first time can be daunting - but having a comfortable abode can help you feel settled in no time. It’s an opportunity to meet new people and form lifelong friends (or your future band), whilst exploring your exciting new city.

Whether you’re interested in Joseph Stones House – the accommodation right on site next to the main conservatoire building, or One Mill Street – a modern development just five minutes’ walk from Leeds Conservatoire, it’s a good idea to start planning early to make sure you get your first choice. There are also plenty of options for alternative accommodation, so there’s something to suit everyone!

Here’s what our students say about accommodation at Leeds Conservatoire, and what they think about living in Leeds…


Molly Darley - Classical

“In my first year, I lived in Joseph Stones house. The whole building is full of Leeds Conservatoire students so it is very easy to meet like-minded people.

Anyone who is looking for somewhere to live for the first year should definitely look at Joseph Stones House or One Mill Street. One Mill Street is inhabited by students from several universities and colleges, so there is a great range of people!

Leeds is a fantastic city. The best thing is the large music scene and the many performance opportunities at over 200 music venues in the city.”


Rob Davies – Music Production

“I'm currently living in a flat with an en-suite bathroom and mini-kitchen at Lovell Park. The accommodation and facilities are great. Being able to park my car here too is a God-send! It allows me to head home with all of my belongings in the holidays so I don't have to make multiple journeys or rely on public transport. My accommodation is also within walking distance of EVERYTHING i.e. the conservatoire, the city centre and music venues.

My advice would be to get to know people within your accommodation as soon as possible. Push yourself to talk to people and network. It's the hardest thing in the world to not know anybody and be in a completely new environment.

Leeds is amazing because of the atmosphere and accessibility of everything – you can walk everywhere!”


Iona Lane – Folk

“I currently live in Joseph Stones House, right above Leeds Conservatoire! It's very convenient and there is a really nice community feel. Everyone is so friendly!

Leeds has such a vibrant music scene! You can go out any night of the week and find a gig of any genre. Going to see live music is one of my favourite things to do, so having the ability to get to a gig most evenings is such a joy.”

hannah butterfield.jpg

Hannah Butterfield – Popular Music

“I'm living at Broadcasting Tower this year. It's a great place to live and I've had no issues. I did initially try to get a place at Joseph Stones because it is where most first year students live. However, I left booking too late and missed out. The advice I would give is to sort out where you are living early on, to ensure you get the accommodation you want.

Leeds is quite a big city, but it has the feel of a small town. The people are friendly and there is a big student population. There's always something to do during the day and at night so I never find myself bored, and of course the music scene is brilliant.”


Henry Bateman – Popular Music

“I lived in Joseph Stones in my first year, and this year I'm in a house in Burley. Joseph Stones is great for socialising, and for being able to roll out of bed and into a lecture within 5 minutes! However, I've been happier living further out and having a walk every day.

The community at Leeds Conservatoire is the best thing about living in Leeds! You could be working with someone in their third year whilst you are in your first year, and then continue to work together after they've left because a lot of people to tend to stay in the city. The options for collaboration in Leeds are endless.”

To get in touch with the Accommodation team you can: 


Telephone: 0113 222 3411

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